How To Still Eat Sugary Things And Lose Belly Fat

This may sound like a strange concept – that you can have sugary treats like chocolate, cake and biscuits and actually lose belly fat!…but it will all make sense in a moment.

The first thing though is why would you want to eat any sugary foods if you were really serious about losing belly fat?

Well, if you go through all the effort to cut out sweet foods…or “go on a diet” you’ll find it hard to stick with. It won’t last because if you eat a lot of chocolate and cake you’ll find it hard to resist the habit.

But instead if you train yourself how to use the habit in a way that changes you so you end up eating less sugary food but NOT totally stop you for good AND lose belly fat….isn’t that a much more attractive idea?

This is how it works. NOT cutting out all those foods is the method of how you end up continuing to eat them and losing fat…but here’s the thing:

You can’t keep eating these foods the way you are and assume that more exercise is going to help you lose belly fat

Doing some exercise will burn some of those calories but for most of the time it’s not going to magically evaporate all of them. Because you’ve already spiked your blood sugar and your body is going through what it needs to do to now store fat!

So what you want to do is first of all get some evidence about how many times a day or week you eat chocolate, cakes that sort of thing. So start taking a simple log.

Then what you can do is award a treat day, like a Thursday. On this day you can eat your guilty pleasure.

Then you really DO have to stop yourself eating that food as much as possible…but here’s the twist: you try and eat another thing that is more healthy instead. If push comes to shove you have half and half.

This not only helps you lessen the blood sugar spikes..but it’s also a great way to deal with food cravings. You can find out more about this particular part of it here: stop food cravings.

The main technique is to ween yourself off the amount of sweet foods rather than deny yourself them. So you end up still eating them and you lose belly fat.

Try it this week. Find out how much you eat, then choose a day (or at most 2) where you eat that food (or foods). And then eat something else on the other days.

And let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below!

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Burn Fat By Using Your Own Body As A Free Exercise Tool

In this article I am going to show you that your body weight is the greatest exercise tool you need to lose those last inches of belly fat in as little as 90 days.

If you start to workout using body weight exercises, not only will your workouts be quicker and simpler to do, but you will also be able to vary the level of difficulty and time of the exercises with no cost consequence to you. If, on the other hand you do not start using body weight exercises to help you lose belly fat, you will probably not see any progress in your fat loss aspirations and will continue to waste money on ineffective gym sessions.

Why is your body weight so versatile as a fat loss tool?

The primary reason is that you can readily adapt your body position to make any normal exercise that little bit harder, more challenging and at the same time focused on your main core muscle groups. You can do this in such as way as to mimic some of the best gym equipment.

You can also do it no matter how much your weight is. Obviously if you consider yourself to have fat you can lessen the difficulty of all the exercises, but you will also know what is the correct level for you to push to. If you don’t, get some advice before you start.

The second reason is psychological. When you start to train using your body weight, and when you start to see the results due to the difficulty in some positions, either due to improved balance or larger repetitions, you get a burst of excitement and creativity. You could start to adapt and think outside the box when it applies to training.

This improvisation is essential to how you shed belly fat, as it is a key element in keeping you inspired to exercise. Ponder how you do similar gym workouts a lot of the time and see how efficient they are at motivating you or dropping stomach fat?  Now consider how it would feel to be able to to physical exercise wherever without having restriction and know that it is burning your physique fat.

You can do body weight exercises in a resort room, in the playground, in the front space or on a boat. You can additionally adapt your environment to help.

The variety of body weight workouts to do begin from the basic daily exercises that we all had to do in gym at school. These can be:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Star Jumps
  • Squat Thrusts

Take push-ups for example. You can make these more difficult by elevating your lower limbs or by raising one leg up behind you as you do a push-up. You can additionally do side push-ups or if you are particularly adventurous, one-arm push-ups.

You can, and could, range the difficulty of your body weight exercises, both performing higher intensity interval training, or slow body tension workouts, where you maintain for a few seconds for every single repetition. This aids strength endurance.

You do not have to use any weights, though if you would want to be innovative you can. However, by incorporating body weight exercises into your exercise program, instead of doing specialised gym lessons with fancy gleaming new equipment, you will get all the added benefits, in reality, more advantages devoid of the inconvenience of both the price or setting aside the time for the course.

If you keep using these exercises you can see that your stomach fat, and all body fat, begins to decrease, provided of course  you are consuming food correctly. You have to combine the two for effective fat loss.

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Wanna Play A Cool Game!…And Get A Great Offer To Help You Lose Fat?

I’m deciding to play a cool little game…and all it takes is for you to click the LIKE button on the Flat Belly Fast Facebook page!

You see if I get a minimum of 500 likes (and that’s the counter on the page, not the number of posts you like)
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A link will go up on the Facebook page when the game has played….Let’s try and reach that target!!!

So tell your friends and family to LIKE the page as well….here’s the link again!:

Let’s have fun

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The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Lose That Belly Fat

Check out this video…about the easiest thing you can do to start getting in shape today, losing the belly fat in less than 3 months and feeling good about yourself

Easiest way to lose belly fat

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The Stubborn Doubts About Changing How You Eat To Lose The Belly Fat

You know that feeling you get when you hear about how you have to eat 5-6 times a day to lose weight?

Or maybe you read some of my stuff where it says that a great way to lose weight is to eat 4 times a day…as it’s actually more manageable…but you get that doubt in your mind?

Well, I can recall from my own experience of being at that point where I was wanting to lose my last inch of belly fat, that the idea of eating more times a day just seemed to be hassle. Unnecessary even.

I mean, you may be thinking…”I already eat enough” or maybe you believe that you are eating more than you think you should, and you already know that this is the cause of your fat gain?
How can eating more possibly help?

The real truth is going to be a bit of a mix of what you knew and something else. The secret to getting rid of fat is to eat more. You eat to burn calories.

And think about this: if you don’t start making changes to how you eat then you won’t change your current fat…and it doesn’t matter how much you try and work out.

In other words learning to, at least, see how you eat and how much you eat gives you an edge over every one else who’s struggling…because they aren’t trying to see exactly what and how they eat. They just have an image, a story of what they think they eat.

The first stage before you even decide to change how you eat…is to get some evidence of what you are eating and the way you eat.

And the easiest way is to keep a record each day.

Now straight away you might feel a rush of “ach that’s just hassle…I really don’t want to do that”…and it’s okay to feel that. But here’s the thing:

Is it really going be so bad to actually see in black and white how you eat, what you eat and when you eat?

What harm is it going to do you to get this knowledge?

The answer is …no harm at all!

It will do you no harm at all…but it will do you a world of good!..because you will get to see the pattern of how you eat…and remember what you want to do is eat to burn calories

And here’s just a rough guess:

  • You will probably see you aren’t eating a proper breakfast
  • You will probably be having a bit more fatty foods, chocolate bars or muffins during the day.
  • You will most likely be eating a BIG evening meal packed with processed carbs like white bread, pizza base, chips (of the fries variety) or white rice

Now how do I know this?

Well…this is what I used to eat. I didn’t eat a a massive amount of processed foods, but I ate enough and in a way that it meant that my blood sugar level didn’t stay steady during the day…so I didn’t lose weight.

Because it leads to spikes in your insulin levels

Which then makes you store your food as fat. The faster the rise in blood sugar, the quicker the onset of storing your food.

So before you learn to level that blood sugar to help you store less fat…hence the idea of eating to burn calories….go find out exactly what and how you eat.

It might just be the biggest revelation you get all year!

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The Journal – Guiding You To Weight Loss

A lot can be said about a logbook or journal…and especially when it comes to how you use it for losing body fat.

You and I might not be as disciplined and have the self-control as we believe we do…

We don’t see in black in white what we do every day because we aren’t taking note of it. And as we usually see taking notes as hassle we don’t understand how crucial it is for a fat loss plan to do it.

The simple truth is that without knowing what you current are doing to try and lose weight, you won’t know how to change it to achieve better results.

Because it is just so worth it in the end. A little effort regularly really gives you that insight and awareness…especially when you look back over all the short entries (not talking about a Dear Diary here!)…and see how far you have come..

And it may be that in a few months all you do is write a one liner or a quick bullet list of what exercises you did…and how you think you did compared to last time…instead of a line by line table about what calories managed to cut…

Even the act of writing every day…or at least keeping up your progress a few times a week produces a great habit of self-discipline and control…

And it’s this that keeps you on track for your fat loss plan…even if when you bring it up around colleagues they might think it sounds like you are a bit obsessive!

Well, as is usually the case they’re the ones who could do with getting rid of some of their weight, being fitter and having better discipline!

Just remember: keeping even a one-liner a day log is all you need for you to see how much you exercise and if it is matching the changes in your body…

And remember that it also subconsciously reinforces your fat loss plan…and without having to make a lot of effort each day!

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You don’t need to worry! It’s just a little bit of cake

There is going to be an occasion when you’ll want to eat some cake…and probably some tasty looking cake…

So what should you do?

Well, you eat it

Hang on…isn’t the whole plan to get a flat belly about not eating fatty and sugary food and cakes?

There is a whole debate about taking out all sugary foods and removing refined carbs…
Yet the real secret is that you don’t have to completely cut out sugary foods and beer to lose stomach fat.

You do have to learn to reduce eating things like fatty foods and cake and create the habit of eating more healthy options…but going cold turkey on sweet foodwill not last…unless you have large reserves of willpower…

If you have discovered a method to increase your will power then fantastic!. Most likely this is not where you are at right now and you are faced with The Cake Dilemma

The solution for the long haul is this:

If you eat something sweet everyday, then you are going to have to set yourself a goal of 1 cake day a week. Yep. 1 day a week. If you eat cake on more days, chances are you won’t lose body fat, because you’ll not be watching your diet in other ways…

…so write it in your diary…something like Cake Day on Friday… and if a cake eating opportunity arises on the day you pencilled in, yes, you can have the cake.

Every other day, eat something healthier instead or just drink some water…do something that is different to the cake eating and builds a new habit…

Because it’s this replacing for something healthier that ultimately will mean that even on the Cake day you won’t get the urge so much to eat cake…and if you do still want it well…

Don’t worry it’s only one bit of cake

You are already doing enough to lose those last inches of belly fat. You can happily eat the cake without getting down on yourself.

But remember…there are no short cuts here. You need to reduce your cake eating before you get that feeling of choice and freedom when eating cake…before you know you are already doing enough to lose belly fat

So get out the notes app, yes get it out RIGHT NOW.. and make one day a week Cake Day!

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