Quick, Slow, Quick – Vary Your Pace To Lose Belly Fat.

Here’s a great way to add in a little exercise variation along with your eating variation.

If you are still only running outside, pounding out your regular 10k then chances are that your fat burning potential is stuck on replay…

..and furthermore I can bet that even though you might force yourself to bang out the odd sprint training you don’t get a lot back…

Be in reality…you want to be doing whatever you can to lose belly fat.

Well, what if I told you that the special technique to losing fat is actually to sometimes go a bit slower, sometimes go at your normal pace…and sometimes to go so hard that you can’t even speak after it???

Yes…I’ll say it again…you vary up the intensity!

How come?

Well, as you change up your training your body adapts to greater variety and hence you push your comfort zone and become fitter.

When you are fitter, you have a lot more stamina, a lot more maximum strength…and your muscles either grow larger or they align much better…

The better you are aligned then the more efficiently you move around…and a lot of the time that helps circulation and breathing…and burning fat!

But don’t just take it as the truth from me!…Try it out!

So if you are running for cardio…try you hand at some skipping…and when you are running, try doing some sprint bursts. It’s really good at helping you lose belly fat!

Sprint training is when you sprint for about 30 to 60 seconds, making sure it IS as hard as you can then slowly jog, sometimes almost walk, but you aren’t really walking, you are still making the motion like a runner.

You try to do a few or more bursts each time. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Instead of just going out and doing the same samey old run at 10k…give your brain and your body a real kick up the backside…really amp up the variation to lose belly fat in the best way you can.

Your belly fat won’t like it…I can tell you that for sure!


About MickyHCorbett

A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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