Eating enough…or missing the meals?

Do you believe you are eating enough to get some decent belly fat loss?

Why do I say this?..well because a lot of men aren’t eating enough food during the day and have a larger belly because of it. And this even includes the ones that go to the gym.

So are you eating a good breakfast or just having a piece of toast?

Are you setting aside time for lunch or just grabbing something quick later?

If you aren’t having your regular meals as a minimum…then you are making a dent in your intentions for belly fat loss.

But why?

It’s all because of blood sugar and the signals you are sending your body. If you don’t eat a lot then your blood sugar is going to be up and down. What you are looking to do is have it more steady…

You know when you read about the total daily calories for a man to eat and it’s something roughly around 2500? Well those experts aren’t kidding. Eating this much helps you keep your blood sugar level…but only if you eat in the right way.

And if your blood sugar level is a bit like a roller coaster because you haven’t been eating in the best way you end up having these urges to eat…and you most of the time don’t reach for the healthy option when that happens.

A second outcome is that this up and down effect drives your body to convert more food as body or belly fat instead of using it give your energy to move about.

The good news is that you can attack your stalling belly fat loss easily. You can achieve this by simply eating one more time in the day instead of eat a lot of little small meals

So all you have to do is eat that bit more and spread how much you eat over the day if you can.

Say eating something at around 4 pm as well and making sure you have more cereal, fruit and/or yogurt for breakfast…something like that.

If you are really imaginative you could add in healthier foods to eat but you know what?…just try eating more to start with and see what happens.


About MickyHCorbett

A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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