Saying Goodbye To Your Lover – So You Can Lose Stomach Fat

You know at some point when you feel the need to to make an important lifestyle change, like saying you want a better job, different house..or to lose stomach fat!…

And so many things are going crazy, you feel like you don’t have the concentration or time and drive to do things you usually do…you know you have to make a big decision with huge consequences.

Well in all that madness it always happens…it’ll rear its ugly head. You’ll have to contend with that awkward moment:

How do I tell my lover that I don’t want to be near them any more?

You’ve thought and though again about it and you and your lover have reached that that decision point with destiny. The big decision indeed.
But hold on, this is no ORDINARY lover.

This lover gives the best, always and makes you feel the only one…always. This lover never gives you that judging look, lets you take them any place you want. They don’t nag or expect some fluff conversation. Just easy quality…every time.

All they want is that you give them some of your valuable time each day…

This lover I’m talking about is your secret relationship with chocolate.

Now a lot is said about changing your diet and throwing out junk and processed food so that you can lose stomach fat

Don’t eat white bread. Oh No! It’s pasta. Watch out for fried chicken and Big Macs. Things like that.

And that is true. It does help you lose belly fat and other fat to stop eating so much of these and it helps that, when you have to eat carbs like this, you swap them for granary or wholemeal.

But the largest impact you can have on losing weight is to really cut down a lot on the one relationship that always provides you with that certain satisfaction…

The one involving Chocolate

But you can’t just cut it out of your life…you may always need precious moments with this lover…just not EVERY DAY.

That little chocolate bar after dinner ring any bells?

So here’s a tip: Replace the chocolate with something else…a nut bar or an oat bar…or some fruit and nuts…just another thing that is healthier.

To lose stomach fat you need to be tough!

And if it’s hard, I empathise. I had to cut my lover out to. We have a once a week arrangement these days, yeah it’s not the same as it was…but my stomach is flatter thanks to it!


About MickyHCorbett

A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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