What you SHOULD do to start beating food cravings

The most damaging mistake that you can make when trying to stop food cravings is trying to force yourself NOT to have something…

What I am talking about here is when the urge comes and you consciously tell yourself to not eat some “bad” food or drink that “bad” drink.

You know how that feels? That “forcing” yourself. The focus…the way you get a bit stressed and you need to get up and sit somewhere far from the cake..

Or when you feel yourself having a hard time concentrating on work…you CAN’T but eat that bit of cake..but no, no, NO I MUSTN’T…I CAN”T…

As you are aware, this type of scenario is not something you can sustain. Maybe you stop yourself once or twice or maybe you push it to a week.

It’ll be small victory. Very quickly you are going to fall back into old ways…in fact I’m sure you have these habits already, but you give them other names so that you can trick yourself.

So you say “I don’t really have food cravings…I just reward myself now and then”…or “Sure only some people really have CRAVINGS, I just have a sweet tooth..”

Or “I did stop a bit before but you know in the end it won’t do me any harm”

Yes. Denial is a great ally…BUT I’m not here to discuss guilt or denial and what you can do about it.

I’m talking about how you can learn to handle that very craving, in fact CONQUER it so that you can smugly, and yes there is a certain amount of smugness involved..how you can smugly eat any sweet food you like when YOU want…

And not have it the other way around…

So how do you start?

The answer is to develop habits or even better…to replace habits with more helpful ones.

So currently lets say that you always eat something sweet as part of your lunch…this is probably a well-established sweet food craving habit.

Okay. Instead of denying yourself the sweet food…have something else to eat. Like a piece of fruit or some nuts…or even a carrot. Seriously.

So you’ll need to decide on a day to bring in the other food or apply some willpower to buy the other food you are having instead. Then you need to have it with you so that you can eat this when the food craving comes.


Decide what you will eat instead of the sweet food at that main time of the day when you normally have it.
Bring the healthier food with you or have it near to you.

Now this is the first strike…but a powerful one.

Also, remember that handing cravings also fits in nicely to your fat loss plan and getting rid of those last inches of belly fat. If you want to hear more about that you can watch a cool video on it.

You can go here ====>>>Cravings control for belly fat loss


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A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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