Losing Stubborn Belly Fat – Getting Time To Exercise Even If It Seems It’s Not Happening

Losing stubborn belly fat can be an ongoing challenge. I’m betting you have a million things to do each day. Perhaps you have children or have a long time-consuming to work. And the last thing you want to think about is doing a workout when you at last get home.

So though you know you that you need to some exercise because it helps you lose that stubborn, the time just never seems to work for you. Yes, you could try going to the gym before work or after work but you’ve had a go that and it eats into other higher priority things. That’s not the best solution.

It seems like you can’t really get any traction. And then you get that feeling, that creeping sense of dejection. Your plan of losing fat in the time you wanted isn’t going to become reality.

But you still hope that you can find a quicker way, a short-cut to get you to that result.

If any of this sounds familiar then you’ll be very pleased to know that there is a very simple technique that you can use to change your outcome. How you can actually manage to do your weekly exercise and start losing stubborn belly fat without eating into other commitments.

If you apply this technique you will find that more time seems to appear magically for exercise.

The logic behind this technique is that because of many years of building habits and having experiences in life, you and I have fleeting moments during most days when we get a sudden drive to do something. These bursts are remnants of days gone by when we had the habit of doing something during those moments.

Most of the time, you may not be aware of it. But when you begin to look, you see patterns. And by using these patterns you can start to fit in little exercise routines into your timetable.

Because it’s more probable that you think that that you have much more time than you think you do.

So to find out this information here’s what you should try:

Write down of when during the week you got an “slight urge” to exercise

You should get them a few times a week, perhaps even a few a day. Now if the urge was strong enough and you did go and exercise when you felt like it, great!! If not and something else came up, you still had the seed of impetus to go for it.

But why is this important?

Well if you know when you most feel like working out, it will only take a little more effort to work out. And then when you start exercising more, you can then develop this to more times when before you didn’t feel like it.

And there is no good or bad time. It might be 6 in the morning before you get ready for work. It might be 20 minutes high intensity when you get home. Or you do something before lunch.

Just write down when it is and keep making that log for the next 7 days. Try and work out as well, in whatever style you do.

And here’s some extra advice: if you can’t think how to exercise, then consider doing circuits of simple body weight exercises. Push-ups, crunches, lunges, with and without a medicine ball or weights of any kind. And you might only do it for 15 minutes. Right now the amount of time you spend is much less crucial than the building of a habit to workout at that time.

So, for the action step: get something to be a journal (it could even be a Notes application on your laptop, PC, iPhone, Black Berry, whatever) and make this the place where you write these urges down. Make sure you fill it in each day.

And lastly: the way you go about losing stubborn belly fat, using exercise as a component of your plan, is by making your own habits and rhythms work FOR you, not against you!!!


About MickyHCorbett

A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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