You don’t need to worry! It’s just a little bit of cake

There is going to be an occasion when you’ll want to eat some cake…and probably some tasty looking cake…

So what should you do?

Well, you eat it

Hang on…isn’t the whole plan to get a flat belly about not eating fatty and sugary food and cakes?

There is a whole debate about taking out all sugary foods and removing refined carbs…
Yet the real secret is that you don’t have to completely cut out sugary foods and beer to lose stomach fat.

You do have to learn to reduce eating things like fatty foods and cake and create the habit of eating more healthy options…but going cold turkey on sweet foodwill not last…unless you have large reserves of willpower…

If you have discovered a method to increase your will power then fantastic!. Most likely this is not where you are at right now and you are faced with The Cake Dilemma

The solution for the long haul is this:

If you eat something sweet everyday, then you are going to have to set yourself a goal of 1 cake day a week. Yep. 1 day a week. If you eat cake on more days, chances are you won’t lose body fat, because you’ll not be watching your diet in other ways…

…so write it in your diary…something like Cake Day on Friday… and if a cake eating opportunity arises on the day you pencilled in, yes, you can have the cake.

Every other day, eat something healthier instead or just drink some water…do something that is different to the cake eating and builds a new habit…

Because it’s this replacing for something healthier that ultimately will mean that even on the Cake day you won’t get the urge so much to eat cake…and if you do still want it well…

Don’t worry it’s only one bit of cake

You are already doing enough to lose those last inches of belly fat. You can happily eat the cake without getting down on yourself.

But remember…there are no short cuts here. You need to reduce your cake eating before you get that feeling of choice and freedom when eating cake…before you know you are already doing enough to lose belly fat

So get out the notes app, yes get it out RIGHT NOW.. and make one day a week Cake Day!


About MickyHCorbett

A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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One Response to You don’t need to worry! It’s just a little bit of cake

  1. alena says:

    i am asking u all what to eat cake with, not dont worry its only one bit of cake. you people are ridiculous.

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