The Journal – Guiding You To Weight Loss

A lot can be said about a logbook or journal…and especially when it comes to how you use it for losing body fat.

You and I might not be as disciplined and have the self-control as we believe we do…

We don’t see in black in white what we do every day because we aren’t taking note of it. And as we usually see taking notes as hassle we don’t understand how crucial it is for a fat loss plan to do it.

The simple truth is that without knowing what you current are doing to try and lose weight, you won’t know how to change it to achieve better results.

Because it is just so worth it in the end. A little effort regularly really gives you that insight and awareness…especially when you look back over all the short entries (not talking about a Dear Diary here!)…and see how far you have come..

And it may be that in a few months all you do is write a one liner or a quick bullet list of what exercises you did…and how you think you did compared to last time…instead of a line by line table about what calories managed to cut…

Even the act of writing every day…or at least keeping up your progress a few times a week produces a great habit of self-discipline and control…

And it’s this that keeps you on track for your fat loss plan…even if when you bring it up around colleagues they might think it sounds like you are a bit obsessive!

Well, as is usually the case they’re the ones who could do with getting rid of some of their weight, being fitter and having better discipline!

Just remember: keeping even a one-liner a day log is all you need for you to see how much you exercise and if it is matching the changes in your body…

And remember that it also subconsciously reinforces your fat loss plan…and without having to make a lot of effort each day!


About MickyHCorbett

A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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