How To Still Eat Sugary Things And Lose Belly Fat

This may sound like a strange concept – that you can have sugary treats like chocolate, cake and biscuits and actually lose belly fat!…but it will all make sense in a moment.

The first thing though is why would you want to eat any sugary foods if you were really serious about losing belly fat?

Well, if you go through all the effort to cut out sweet foods…or “go on a diet” you’ll find it hard to stick with. It won’t last because if you eat a lot of chocolate and cake you’ll find it hard to resist the habit.

But instead if you train yourself how to use the habit in a way that changes you so you end up eating less sugary food but NOT totally stop you for good AND lose belly fat….isn’t that a much more attractive idea?

This is how it works. NOT cutting out all those foods is the method of how you end up continuing to eat them and losing fat…but here’s the thing:

You can’t keep eating these foods the way you are and assume that more exercise is going to help you lose belly fat

Doing some exercise will burn some of those calories but for most of the time it’s not going to magically evaporate all of them. Because you’ve already spiked your blood sugar and your body is going through what it needs to do to now store fat!

So what you want to do is first of all get some evidence about how many times a day or week you eat chocolate, cakes that sort of thing. So start taking a simple log.

Then what you can do is award a treat day, like a Thursday. On this day you can eat your guilty pleasure.

Then you really DO have to stop yourself eating that food as much as possible…but here’s the twist: you try and eat another thing that is more healthy instead. If push comes to shove you have half and half.

This not only helps you lessen the blood sugar spikes..but it’s also a great way to deal with food cravings. You can find out more about this particular part of it here: stop food cravings.

The main technique is to ween yourself off the amount of sweet foods rather than deny yourself them. So you end up still eating them and you lose belly fat.

Try it this week. Find out how much you eat, then choose a day (or at most 2) where you eat that food (or foods). And then eat something else on the other days.

And let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below!


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A fitness enthusiast, a scientist, a creator and an entrepreneur.
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