Losing Stubborn Belly Fat – Getting Time To Exercise Even If It Seems It’s Not Happening

Losing stubborn belly fat can be an ongoing challenge. I’m betting you have a million things to do each day. Perhaps you have children or have a long time-consuming to work. And the last thing you want to think about is doing a workout when you at last get home.

So though you know you that you need to some exercise because it helps you lose that stubborn, the time just never seems to work for you. Yes, you could try going to the gym before work or after work but you’ve had a go that and it eats into other higher priority things. That’s not the best solution.

It seems like you can’t really get any traction. And then you get that feeling, that creeping sense of dejection. Your plan of losing fat in the time you wanted isn’t going to become reality.

But you still hope that you can find a quicker way, a short-cut to get you to that result.

If any of this sounds familiar then you’ll be very pleased to know that there is a very simple technique that you can use to change your outcome. How you can actually manage to do your weekly exercise and start losing stubborn belly fat without eating into other commitments.

If you apply this technique you will find that more time seems to appear magically for exercise.

The logic behind this technique is that because of many years of building habits and having experiences in life, you and I have fleeting moments during most days when we get a sudden drive to do something. These bursts are remnants of days gone by when we had the habit of doing something during those moments.

Most of the time, you may not be aware of it. But when you begin to look, you see patterns. And by using these patterns you can start to fit in little exercise routines into your timetable.

Because it’s more probable that you think that that you have much more time than you think you do.

So to find out this information here’s what you should try:

Write down of when during the week you got an “slight urge” to exercise

You should get them a few times a week, perhaps even a few a day. Now if the urge was strong enough and you did go and exercise when you felt like it, great!! If not and something else came up, you still had the seed of impetus to go for it.

But why is this important?

Well if you know when you most feel like working out, it will only take a little more effort to work out. And then when you start exercising more, you can then develop this to more times when before you didn’t feel like it.

And there is no good or bad time. It might be 6 in the morning before you get ready for work. It might be 20 minutes high intensity when you get home. Or you do something before lunch.

Just write down when it is and keep making that log for the next 7 days. Try and work out as well, in whatever style you do.

And here’s some extra advice: if you can’t think how to exercise, then consider doing circuits of simple body weight exercises. Push-ups, crunches, lunges, with and without a medicine ball or weights of any kind. And you might only do it for 15 minutes. Right now the amount of time you spend is much less crucial than the building of a habit to workout at that time.

So, for the action step: get something to be a journal (it could even be a Notes application on your laptop, PC, iPhone, Black Berry, whatever) and make this the place where you write these urges down. Make sure you fill it in each day.

And lastly: the way you go about losing stubborn belly fat, using exercise as a component of your plan, is by making your own habits and rhythms work FOR you, not against you!!!

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Taking That Next Step – All You Need To Do To Lose Fat

It can feel strange…looking back on all the goals achieved and suddenly seeing that you have accomplished a lot. Look at all the fat you have lost.

You may not be exactly in the place you thought you were going to be…but you will have made so much more progress than doing absolutely nothing but worrying about starting.

This is the time that you should congratulate yourself.

…and Personal Motivation is the key to this success…

If you don’t have a technique to keep motivated to lose weight then chances are you won’t achieve your goals of, for example, having a flatter stomach in 90 days or fitting into an outfit for say, a wedding.

I know sometimes it sounds like a constant din of advice saying “You must have a plan…you must have this”…but it really isn’t that difficult to create one.

Just say to yourself: I will lose that weight in 3 months…or whatever time period you want…but make it realistic!

If you do have a plan AND the extra motivation to lose weight then you will get results. Simple as that. It WILL happen.

I find good motivation in a method I picked up: It’s called the Just The Next Step method…and it is as simple as it sounds.

Here it is:

  • Write down what you have to do for the activity – for example, to workout, this would be get changed, review what you are going to do, stretch, exercise, warm-down, shower, record what you did in you exercise log
  • Start with the first step and only think about going to the following one.

What happens is that you end up getting more done in less time because you only think about the next thing to do. And in general, it keeps you from overthinking, and so it focuses your mind on the task right now.

Remember though: you need to have a basic structure of steps to take the first few times you attempt this otherwise you will find yourself going off plan…

…and this means, especially for a fitness and weight loss program:


So try this as motivation to lose weight if you find you don’t have the time in the day…it has the added benefit of making time magically appear from nowhere.

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2 Important Pieces of Advice To Start Beating Food Cravings

You’re dying to to get control of your food cravings but you just can’t seem to get started…or you keep going round and round in circles.

You may have tried denying the food or trying to distract yourself. It just doesn’t work. And those cravings are driving you up the wall…holding you back from losing weight and keeping the fat on.

Well, in this video you can learn how to stop this pattern…and with the 2 tips I talk about, you can start to make a tangible change to your food cravings habits.

You learn to conquer them and get that control over the foods you eat, control that you have always wanted. And it starts with 2 things…

Click on the picture below to watch the video. See how you can transform the way you handle cravings forever…and start losing that weight and fat in the process!

Food cravings - how to stop them

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What you SHOULD do to start beating food cravings

The most damaging mistake that you can make when trying to stop food cravings is trying to force yourself NOT to have something…

What I am talking about here is when the urge comes and you consciously tell yourself to not eat some “bad” food or drink that “bad” drink.

You know how that feels? That “forcing” yourself. The focus…the way you get a bit stressed and you need to get up and sit somewhere far from the cake..

Or when you feel yourself having a hard time concentrating on work…you CAN’T but eat that bit of cake..but no, no, NO I MUSTN’T…I CAN”T…

As you are aware, this type of scenario is not something you can sustain. Maybe you stop yourself once or twice or maybe you push it to a week.

It’ll be small victory. Very quickly you are going to fall back into old ways…in fact I’m sure you have these habits already, but you give them other names so that you can trick yourself.

So you say “I don’t really have food cravings…I just reward myself now and then”…or “Sure only some people really have CRAVINGS, I just have a sweet tooth..”

Or “I did stop a bit before but you know in the end it won’t do me any harm”

Yes. Denial is a great ally…BUT I’m not here to discuss guilt or denial and what you can do about it.

I’m talking about how you can learn to handle that very craving, in fact CONQUER it so that you can smugly, and yes there is a certain amount of smugness involved..how you can smugly eat any sweet food you like when YOU want…

And not have it the other way around…

So how do you start?

The answer is to develop habits or even better…to replace habits with more helpful ones.

So currently lets say that you always eat something sweet as part of your lunch…this is probably a well-established sweet food craving habit.

Okay. Instead of denying yourself the sweet food…have something else to eat. Like a piece of fruit or some nuts…or even a carrot. Seriously.

So you’ll need to decide on a day to bring in the other food or apply some willpower to buy the other food you are having instead. Then you need to have it with you so that you can eat this when the food craving comes.


Decide what you will eat instead of the sweet food at that main time of the day when you normally have it.
Bring the healthier food with you or have it near to you.

Now this is the first strike…but a powerful one.

Also, remember that handing cravings also fits in nicely to your fat loss plan and getting rid of those last inches of belly fat. If you want to hear more about that you can watch a cool video on it.

You can go here ====>>>Cravings control for belly fat loss

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Saying Goodbye To Your Lover – So You Can Lose Stomach Fat

You know at some point when you feel the need to to make an important lifestyle change, like saying you want a better job, different house..or to lose stomach fat!…

And so many things are going crazy, you feel like you don’t have the concentration or time and drive to do things you usually do…you know you have to make a big decision with huge consequences.

Well in all that madness it always happens…it’ll rear its ugly head. You’ll have to contend with that awkward moment:

How do I tell my lover that I don’t want to be near them any more?

You’ve thought and though again about it and you and your lover have reached that that decision point with destiny. The big decision indeed.
But hold on, this is no ORDINARY lover.

This lover gives the best, always and makes you feel the only one…always. This lover never gives you that judging look, lets you take them any place you want. They don’t nag or expect some fluff conversation. Just easy quality…every time.

All they want is that you give them some of your valuable time each day…

This lover I’m talking about is your secret relationship with chocolate.

Now a lot is said about changing your diet and throwing out junk and processed food so that you can lose stomach fat

Don’t eat white bread. Oh No! It’s pasta. Watch out for fried chicken and Big Macs. Things like that.

And that is true. It does help you lose belly fat and other fat to stop eating so much of these and it helps that, when you have to eat carbs like this, you swap them for granary or wholemeal.

But the largest impact you can have on losing weight is to really cut down a lot on the one relationship that always provides you with that certain satisfaction…

The one involving Chocolate

But you can’t just cut it out of your life…you may always need precious moments with this lover…just not EVERY DAY.

That little chocolate bar after dinner ring any bells?

So here’s a tip: Replace the chocolate with something else…a nut bar or an oat bar…or some fruit and nuts…just another thing that is healthier.

To lose stomach fat you need to be tough!

And if it’s hard, I empathise. I had to cut my lover out to. We have a once a week arrangement these days, yeah it’s not the same as it was…but my stomach is flatter thanks to it!

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If You Have Optimism In Can Do Wonders For Your Fat Loss Plan

As you try to get rid of belly fat, at some point, you are going to hit a funk, that point where you don’t achieve anymore gain. You’ll have lost fat but it will appear like you have stalled and and the weight has stopped coming off, irrespective of how well you stick to the fat loss plan.

Don’t worry…this is natural…just remember to keep going with it…you’ll find that burst of progress

The secret trick is optimism.

…and I don’t just mean the sort of positive head-in-la-la-land type of ‘yeah man’ stuff.

I mean the kind you grow by doing it by keeping to your exercise routine and eating plan.

Each step, every day, shows you that it is possible to change yourself and it’s not something you get told or read in a book.

It’s happening to you…and you are becoming better.

But how do you stay on course with a fat loss plan?

The answer is to keep a record…and do it everyday.

For one thing it builds in a habit of accountability (not a sexy word I know but it is a powerful principle)..and the other thing is that you can get to see the real evidence of your progress.

So you get to reinforce that optimistic feeling if you find yourself losing focus!…Even if you go two steps forward and one step back…

So remember…optimism…not just positivity is the key to keeping on your fat loss plan

Enjoy yourself!!!

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Eating enough…or missing the meals?

Do you believe you are eating enough to get some decent belly fat loss?

Why do I say this?..well because a lot of men aren’t eating enough food during the day and have a larger belly because of it. And this even includes the ones that go to the gym.

So are you eating a good breakfast or just having a piece of toast?

Are you setting aside time for lunch or just grabbing something quick later?

If you aren’t having your regular meals as a minimum…then you are making a dent in your intentions for belly fat loss.

But why?

It’s all because of blood sugar and the signals you are sending your body. If you don’t eat a lot then your blood sugar is going to be up and down. What you are looking to do is have it more steady…

You know when you read about the total daily calories for a man to eat and it’s something roughly around 2500? Well those experts aren’t kidding. Eating this much helps you keep your blood sugar level…but only if you eat in the right way.

And if your blood sugar level is a bit like a roller coaster because you haven’t been eating in the best way you end up having these urges to eat…and you most of the time don’t reach for the healthy option when that happens.

A second outcome is that this up and down effect drives your body to convert more food as body or belly fat instead of using it give your energy to move about.

The good news is that you can attack your stalling belly fat loss easily. You can achieve this by simply eating one more time in the day instead of eat a lot of little small meals

So all you have to do is eat that bit more and spread how much you eat over the day if you can.

Say eating something at around 4 pm as well and making sure you have more cereal, fruit and/or yogurt for breakfast…something like that.

If you are really imaginative you could add in healthier foods to eat but you know what?…just try eating more to start with and see what happens.

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